Wonderful variety & very friendly. My wife & I bought a windchime & some honey & had a great conversation. Recommended for anyone going into or by Coldwater.

Robert Richmond | 5 Stars

Fantastic help, tilled area perfect for the vegetable garden I invisioned, thank you Floyd and all for your great advice! I'll be back for flowers soon!!

Linda Brusinski McIntosh | 5 Stars

Bought a ton of wonderful veggie plants a few months back. They are great quality and have produced our family some great meals.

Kelli Callahan McKinley | 5 Stars

Lovely experience. Staff was very welcoming and friendly. Excellent selection of garden trinkets.

Nikki Sobell | 5 Stars

Thanks SandFam...I just read your post and was happy to see that you had such a great experience. We enjoy having you as a customer and hope you'll return and bring a friend along. Our professional staff is here to try and answer any questions that you might have that will make your gardening adventure successful. Please continue to follow us on Facebook for Special Sales and Gardening Tips. Thank you again. SG

Robert Robbins | 5 Stars

My kids Love visiting Showcase gardens! Beautiful selection of flowers! Thank you!

Sarah Tenney | 5 Stars

I looked all over for peaches to can. Showcase Garden had them. The service was great. I know I will be going there again

Tina Stone | 5 Stars

Awesome service and great prices on hanging baskets!

Angie Chrissan Gawle | 5 Stars

Best tomatoes I have ever canned. I loved that we could try them to decide what to get. Everything I have bought there is outstanding. Thanks!

Patty Gaugier | 5 Stars

Wonderful experience this Morning. They have a lot of variety and are willing to answer questions.

Sarah Wilson | 5 Stars

This is a family owned business whom truly care about you, the customer. The owner goes above and beyond to assist you with the best purchase to enhance your garden, home, and landscaping. He holds a bachelors degree in horticulture and knows his stuff!! And is willing to share his knowledge to assist you to get your plants to be their healthiest and to produce. This is truly your nursery and landscaping place.

Jean H.


The gentlemen that helped us here was very kind and polite. He even offered my Mom free ice cream or sorbet for Mother's day! I thought that was really nice of him. The selection is the best I've seen so far and we have been to three other greenhouses. All of the stock was clean and in great health with no pests or critters taking up residence in the dirt. These guys work hard to be the best...and it shows!

Mark S.

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